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5'6" - Softop

6'0" - Softop

6'6" - Softop

7'6" - Softop

8'4" - Softop

9'0" - Softop

Softop Tri-fin 5'6" Green/Black  LG

$ 325

Softop Tri-fin 6'0


$ 335

Softop Tri-fin 6'6" Yellow/B3-Blue Band

$ 355

Softop Tri-fin 7'6"egg Blue/B3-Yellow $ 390
Softop Tri-fin 8'4" Gray  Red-Gray Floral Band  $ 415
Softop Single 9'0 Classic Light Blue/B1 Blue Gray  $ 450
Softop Tri-fin 9'0 Hp Dark Blue/N1 Red Yellow $ 450

Designed to fill the gap between sponge boards (which offer safety but lack performance) and fiberglass boards (which offer performance with little safety and poor durability), SOFTOPS blend performance, safety and durability. Their unique epoxy/fiberglass construction gives SOFTOPS a stiffness that helps them out-perform sponge or soft surfboards. And their E.V.A. foam-rubber deck-and-rail combination gives you extra safety, comfort and traction without wax. SOFTOPS are used in surf schools worldwide. Their performance and safety qualities make them the first choice by many pro surfers for their own surf schools. SOFTOPS perform for beginners as well as for the pros. They've been welcomed by advanced surfers and have even been used in competition. They hold their good looks, too - the SOFTOPS ding resistance has made them a reliable alternative for travelers. Whether you're a veteran surfer or a beginner looking for your first board, one of the 15 SOFTOPS sizes available is sure to fit your needs. From the performance-oriented 5'6" Fish to the Super Glide 12' model, you won't find a better value - or better performer - on the market.